Thursday, December 14, 2006

A sad day for India!

A real sad day ....

While the government had no shame in ramming through the OBC Reservation Bill, there is still no word of the Whistleblowers Protection Bill - a fallout of Satyendra Dubey's assasination. More shameful, was that the reservation bill had the full support of all parties. To add insult to the judiciary, the bill does not exclude the 'creamy layer' from the benefits - making it all the more likely that the bill will be highly misused in the end.

Even worse, it was a Red Day - the Left parties (or to be appropriately called - the LOST parties) called for a nationwide strike to protest the central government economic policies when they have no qualms of allowing a Tata Car Factory in their own backyard. I am all for a tata factory, but against the hypocrisy of the Left Parties

To future generations who will criticize us for these mistakes, i offer my apologies.

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