Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dada, remember this: TO

Dada., now that you have packed the rooshagullas and are catching a flight for South Africa, please hear just 2 words from me: Terrell Owens aka TO

You don't know him - here is a quick primer:
  • Terrell Owens is an obscenely gifted wide receiver in american football whose self-indulging tendencies has overshadowed his achievements on the field. Sounds very familiar?
  • Not once but twice has been driven out of town because of his lack of respect for his teammates. Sounds very familiar?
  • He called his employers & their football organization as 'class-less'. Sounds very familiar?
  • He suffers from wears-my heart on the sleeve-but-cant-keep-mouth-shut syndrome. Sounds very familiar?
  • Criticizes the coach as being against him. Sounds very familiar?
  • In San Francisco, TO cost his coach the job (read John Wright). Sounds very familiar?
Now that you are back in the side, i hope you would only think of aiding India when we have not been having a great tour of SA. I respect your contributions to indian cricket as it's most sucessful captain and would hope you would do nothing to sully your reputation, your coach, your captain, your organization, your country and most importantly YOURSELF.

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