Friday, December 01, 2006

Anna's Wedding Snaps: Day (-1) Snaps

Continued from previous post ...

With the sisters

That's amma (left & Fourth) and her sisters - Lakshmi Narasamma (First), Ranganayaki (Second), Tripura Sundari (Third) and Saraswati (Standing - Fifth & Youngest). The kid is Srikar - Sundari aamma's grandson

Mela atmosphere ..

Ok., thats a lot of different people that i could squeeze in one snap - Right in the middle is Savitri Vodhina and her daughter - Sravanti. On my left and towards the right is Sailaja Vodhina, eldest daughter-in-law of ranga aamma and her sons - Rahul (extreme right) and Girish (second from right). Also between Savitri vodhina and anna, is Manasa

Gandhi Pedananna ...

Thats Gandhi Pedananna (Nanna's elder brother) & his wife Aruna Aamma seated with Dad. Pratyuman - their grandson is also seen along with me & anna.

Banu Babai

The snap is with Banu Babai - Dad's younger brother and his wife Nagalakshmi Pinni ...

Santha Atha ...

With Santha Atha - dad's younger sister, santosh mavaiya - her husband and their youngest daughter - Hasita

and finally.,

During the Edurukola function., a snap of anna and vodhina.

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