Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wish i could spin like him (?)

No. Thank you very much ...

I like Kumble, the way he is. While he can never rip the ball like Shane Warne, he is without doubt the best Indian spinner to have touched the red cherry. Before going up in arms, please note that i think Chandrashekar, Prasanna, Bedi and Venkatraghavan (lesser extent!) were great bowlers - they were not feared a lot outside the subcontinent for LONG STRECHES of time while teams have been wary of Kumble for atleast the last 5 years even outside the subcontinent. Coming to it, Anil Kumble is the BEST BOWLER that India has produced. He has had more matches won than anyone else, more than even Kapil Dev (and coming from someone whose 'day-afters' were based on pajji's performance!).

While a lot of people, especially who are more into entertainment than the pure joy & pleasures of the game would like spinners to turn the ball half way across the pitch, what they don't understand is that the ball needs to turn only a few inches to turn a sure boundary to a dismissal and understanding that was Jumbo's biggest strength.

While Kumble could pay tribute to Shane for spinning the ball, he would have a good haul if he played majority of his tests against the pommies as well (not a slight on Warne - but the lack of great record against the Indians will always be shown against him, the same way overseas record will be shown for Kumble).

Who is the best spinner in the World to date? Martin Crowe might disagree, but Muthiah Muralidharan is the best spinner ever.

Aren't we glad to be in an era that had the best spinners trade their wares (like the 80s & 90s were the seasons for best all-rounders with Kapil, Imran, Botham and 'Sir' Hadlee)!

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