Thursday, December 14, 2006

Down the memory lane!!!!

I was driving to office today morning in the usual path, when i saw a ton of school students pour out of the gates of DAV School. I am assuming that the school had to close because of the Left Parties' meaningless call for nationwide strike.

As i stopped and waited for the few minutes that the kids were crossing the road, it took me to memories of Jan 1995 when the schools were forced to close for 5 days because of World Tamil Conference. Half of the 11th standard took full use of these holidays by effectively honing their cricket skills on the open terrace of Karthik's House - a stone throw away from School.

For 5 days & till darkness enveloped us, we might have had a zillion cricket matches with the winners of each match awarded with the Ole trophy. The Ole trophy was conceptualized and made by Mallik from the coconut leaves.

Ole trophy & cricket continued in Karthik's house for another 5 more years - through our school days as well as engineering days.

Boy., weren't those days good!

As far as i remember - Swathi was a good allrounder, Manish had a great leg-spinner, Mallik (for his dimunitive size) had Allan Donald speed, Barani was the technically correct batsman. Me? I had a great straight drive & leg flick, average fielding skills, below average off spin, horrible cut shot and worse of all - horrendous umpiring skills!

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