Monday, December 25, 2006

Week 16: 1 PM Games - First Half

I usually stay up every sunday night to follow the New England Patriots games. I usually log onto to Football Outsiders' game day discussion forum and record my minute-to-minute musings. Summarizing them below:

  • Texans score first ... i guess not a lot of us saw that coming!
  • I know that not a lot of you would be in India, but they are playing some christmas carols with a 10 year kid singing great ... 15 mins to Dec 25 ... merry x'mas to FO, staff and readers
  • Wow! Texans are up 14 against the colts. I wonder if there is a upset in the works
  • 3 Scrambles/runs for Brady in the first quarter itself. Calm down, big fella - we want you to win the game with your hand not your legs.
  • Three 20+yd TDs at the same time - IND, BAL and DET
  • Will the Pats go for it on 4th down and 1?(Note: They draw a false start and that was good because Brady was not going anywhere. They need a 48 yd FG!)
  • Gostkowski with a 48 yd FG. I think he has come a long way from the beginning of the season when the team was avoiding putting him out for 35+ yd FG attempt.
  • I was checking the score on the 2 current hot teams - TEN v/ BUF. Scores tied at 10. Seems that these teams have joined MIA as second half beauties. During my school days (academic years are btw june to apr in india), we had a score of kids who flunked quarterly, half yearly exams but buckled up for the annual exams and these kids were termed MARCH BEAUTIES. Guess, the same applies to TEN, BUF, MIA now!
  • The empire strikes back! Colts have wiped off the 14 point deficit. Wish Manning was in control of the US national deficit control rather than fight deficit against the texans!
  • 3-4-JAC 45 (8:50) (Shotgun) D.Garrard pass incomplete short middle to R.Williams. Pass hit the umpire. That read very funny!
  • A theory on why the NE Offense is ranked #8 as per DVOA. Disclaimer: I consider that the Pats defense has been pretty ordinary over the season and wrote to Aaron last week on the same. I think DVOA rewards 'success' and most of Brady's pass are for 6-8 yds, thus having a high success rate. the same can be said about their running as well (as i type, Faulk gets 4 yds on a 2-2 situation). Pats might have had the lowest 20+ yd plays in the game, both passing and rushing and that is why the perception that the offense is anaemic! RANT OVER!
  • TMQ Pleased! Texans ran 11 times in a 14 play, 75 yard TD drive. The drive ate 8 mins in the second half and kept the colts offense a.k.a THE EMPIRE on the sidelines
  • Raise your hands if you predicted Tom Brady will have the longest rush for the Pats Offense in the first half ..McDaniel, your vote doesn't count!
  • I even read on some article earlier in the season that all things need to go perfect for Pats to score on any drive. With them, you cannot have a slam dunk 4 plays, 80 yd drive that has happened to some other teams. When you want to clash with teams like san diego in post-season, that is as much a factor as a good defense. (Note: This post was in response to RichConley's comment on my earlier posting on NE offense)

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