Thursday, September 14, 2006

Anna's Engagement Snaps (2 of 2)

Some more snaps of the Engagement Cermony:

An important part of most Hindu functions is exchange of clothes. In the cermony, we presented Vodhina with a saree and they presented anna with a formal wear.

The two snaps capture the same event.

After the exchange of clothes, presentation of sweets, gifts, it was time to exchange rings and garlands. These 2 snaps represent the exchange of garlands.

For the above snap, Anna was ultimate as he was responding to someone's comments. The picture has come well as the expression on anna's face is priceless.
The engaged couples exchange garlands

PS: I did not possess any great snap when the rings were exchanged. Once i get them, i shall add them to the blog.

Dad's Ancestral House

Taking a break from the larger blog, snaps from the ancestral house in Vijayawada.

The house is located off the major arterial roads in downtown Vijayawada. Bundar Road and Eluru Road are a street away and the Besant Road is 2 mins walk from our house.

Without much ado, the first snap:

The house was built in the late 1940s and Grand father was a tenant in the house initially. With his hard earned money, he bought the house in the mid-1950s and stayed there till the end.

The house is split in 2 half and joined across each room and the kitchen at the very back spreads across the entire width of the house. The house has 4 large rooms, 2 on each side with a store room sandwidched between.

The house is simple and very functional and represents the values of grand father.

Snap 2: Taken when Anna and Vodhina came for the 'gruhapravesham' function after their wedding.