Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why are we living in 12th Century BC?

Please tell me why rules like - Women cannot wear trousers, belong to the 21st Century?

Honestly! Do Muslims think that their God has no other work than create dress codes that he approves and doesn't approve for women? If fanatical Muslim men spent 10% of their time that they spend on moral policing, they are sure to find their way to their God.

Shame on you both, Musharaff & Indian Media!

Recently, Ruler-of-the-Alternate-Universe & I-am-Mr-Right Pervez Musharraf appeared on Karan Thapar's show The Devil's Advocate and talked nonsense about Kargil being a military & diplomatic victory. Nothing better can be expected of this hypocrite. But his response shown how low he can stoop to, a remarkable 'achievement' for him.

The following response caught my attention:
"Because if you are talking about India-Pakistan, Indians had moved all their forces against Kargil and there was as a result weakness elsewhere. So, we knew what the Indian forces are capable of and what we are capable of. The situation was very favourable in Kargil, in Kashmir and on the entire border. We were capable of responding to any Indian action," The Nation quoted Musharraf,as saying

That's quite troubling. What does Musharraf imply here:
  1. Kargil was the bait that he planned to lure India to a larger war?
  2. Since India shifted focus to Kargil, he planned to attack other parts of India?
  3. As Pakistan hadn't developed a nuclear weapon (as admitted by Musharraf himself), the mere rhetoric of using nuclear weapon would send India into a dizzy and make it employ nuclear weapon against Pakistan? He can then go around the world showcasing himself as victim rather than the agressor?
  4. He had disregard for human lives when he was trying to take the subcontinent to the brink of nuclear war?
  5. After Kargil escalates to India-Pak war, China & US will come in support of Pakistan and Russia supporting India could trigger WW III?
Not only does Musharraf prove that he is an idiot but also a dangerous one at that! He has neither statesmanship nor intelligence, neither takes advise nor is humble. He is the stereotype of all dictators - stupid, rigid, grandiose, pompous and did i mention evil?

Blame should also go to Indian Media. They just have to stop cuddling up to the evil idiot. Media attention is like oxygen to Musharraf. He cannot live without it. Ignoring him will destroy him. The second issue with Indian media was no one was willing to analyze his statements and take him & Pakistan to task. How about calling a few Defense experts and quiz them on these lines and showcase to the whole world, esp Pakistan, how evil they have become? Indian media, experts in sensationalizing news, is really poor when it comes to analysis. And that's why it is a shame ...

Monday, July 06, 2009

The biggest myth about the Budget

Ok, it isn't a myth. 

It's more like people's aversion to accept plain truth.

The budget is more a mechanism of rewarding the supporters than anything else. That's one reason why the budget was more focused on the poor than on business. What else can we expect when India's business capital didn't even have time to vote in the recent election?

And to see the kind of bizzare predictions made by respected media outlet - Interest Payment on Home loans increased from Rs 150,000 to 250,000 (Business Standard), a figure that jumped to Rs 300,000 (The Economic Times). Slashing Personal Income Tax from peak 33.99% to 25% (The Hindu) or increasing the Income Tax Exemption from 150,000 for common 'man' (Woman have limit of Rs 180,000) to 200,000 (CII Wish List) or 300,000 (Assocham).

So, lesson to the Rich, Upper-middle class, middle class: Next time you want the Finance Minister to do you favors, go to the voting booth.