Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dad's Ancestral House

Taking a break from the larger blog, snaps from the ancestral house in Vijayawada.

The house is located off the major arterial roads in downtown Vijayawada. Bundar Road and Eluru Road are a street away and the Besant Road is 2 mins walk from our house.

Without much ado, the first snap:

The house was built in the late 1940s and Grand father was a tenant in the house initially. With his hard earned money, he bought the house in the mid-1950s and stayed there till the end.

The house is split in 2 half and joined across each room and the kitchen at the very back spreads across the entire width of the house. The house has 4 large rooms, 2 on each side with a store room sandwidched between.

The house is simple and very functional and represents the values of grand father.

Snap 2: Taken when Anna and Vodhina came for the 'gruhapravesham' function after their wedding.

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