Monday, December 11, 2006

NFL Sunday 1 PM Games - Week 14 First Half Musings

My First half NFL - Season 14 musings. Right now, they are playing skating on ESPN India and it is as interesting as waiting in a airport!
  • NE-Mia Game: After the NE fumble there was Roughing the passer, 2 yd run, offensive holding and defensive pass interference. Yikees! We are all professionals here.
  • Slumberfest games: OAK at CIN
  • Like Good Rex and Bad Rex, we have the short brady and the 'original' brady. The short brady refuses to pass for anything above 10 yards. just check his current
    stats for today.
  • How Auspicious? NE starts second quarter with a false start.
  • Yee Gods., that is some cover-your eyes football in MiamiCan MIN please trade the run defense for Joseph Addai. That is required for the post-season
  • NE is coming up with some bad starting field positions. Last time it was from the 4 yd and this time i think it is the 5 yd line.
  • J.Garcia scrambles up the middle to WAS 6 for 10 yards (C.Griffin). When i read this on gamecenter, only one thing came to mind - BACK TO THE PAST. Remember Jeff Garcia turned 62!
  • JAX gained 74 yards on 4 runs against the IND defense. Boy., this looks like a Madden game to me. IND pass TDs and JAX run TDs.
  • Wonder if Asomugha will make it to the Pro-bowl this year. There seems to be a huge rush right behind Champ Bailey. R Mathais & A Samuels are equally good.This is as close to madness as we know (real madness is watching the CLE offense or IND rush defense 24/7!).
  • Why take a Time-out at 2:06 when the 2-min warning is coming up. And follow it with a incomplete pass. This is gonna be a long day for the patriots

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