Friday, December 29, 2006

Salutes to Mamta!

Fed with their own medicine, the communists complaint of the bitter taste.

The Left group parties in India take enormous pleasure in striking down each and every forward looking measure by any government over the last 15 years. Every major liberalization policy came at the cost of enormous opposition from the left parties. However, when the West Bengal government turned pro-liberalization after endless years of frog-in-the-well approach left the state with one of the least per capita income, they have faced with protests from within their ranks as well as other political parties for their current & previous stances.

But no victory is sweeter than what Mamta Banarjee did to the WB government by going on a 25 day fast against their decision to grant the Tata group, land for a automobile factory. With the president, prime minister and opposition NDA concerned with her health, the WB government has finally agreed to negotiate with her.

How the mighty have fallen!

Make no mistake, i am a pro-liberalization warrior; worship the Tata Group (own a Tata Auto car!), not researched the rights and wrongs of the Singur row and I am not a great fan of Mamta. However, i am happy with the way Mamta taught the Left parties a lesson in their own langauge.

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