Thursday, December 07, 2006 - Funny Feature

While i have had my fun with reading articles on parody sites like Onion, Sportspickle and Brushback - the latter two are exclusively focused on sports, they measure between good and downright gross.

Of late, i was refered to Cracked website and while i followed the NFL weekly breakdown, the feature i enjoy the most is the "letters from Bush - US President" series. This features series is all about letter that the US president writes on various issues and are corrected by his proof-reader. The articles are downright funny and very believable - if you picture Bush writing these.
  1. Letter to Iraqi Prime Mister., nope Prime Minister
  2. Thanking Donald Rumsfield for his service as Pentagon Secy, which is not a woman-thing
  3. Please vote ... a note before the elections to the voters
  4. Illegal Aliens., Darth Vader is my least favorite and hence the fence to protect US from him or something like that
  5. Is it a crime to have these? Nope, it is a crime if you don't have these (ask., Iraq!). Letter to N Korea premier
  6. This is how i won (but the real story is how i made the democrats look bad!) - A primer to Rep candidates for mid-term election

Believe me that you are gonna have fun rolling around with the slapstick humour on Bush in these articles.

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