Monday, December 18, 2006

NFL Week 15 1 PM Game - 2nd Half

  • If Taylor does not win the Defensive Player of the year award., we might as well as scrap it!
  • Taylor has 12.5 sacks, 9 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recoverd for 19 yards, 2 interceptions for 71 yards and 2 TDs.
  • Yikees! Harrington gives it away with an INT!
  • In comparison to Taylor, Urlacher has 0 Sacks, 3 INTs for 39 Yards, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovered for 1 yard. He is in with as much a chance as Taylor and that is why these awards should be renamed as popularity awards.
  • Do we have a R Doyle fumble in the end zone in the script? Sadly., nope
  • Pacman Jones has a Kickoff return for 70 yds (85 incl. 15 yd face mask!), 1 punt return for 8 yds, 1 INT for TD and 0.5 sack. Some more maturity off the field, he
    could be the next champ bailey
  • Hobbs for 93 yd kickoff TD return! Special teams and Defense winning it for the Patriots
  • Hester has one more big punt return. Great! he is stamping his ticket to next season's pro-bowl as well
  • TEN could be the giant playoff hopes killer team in the AFC. give it some thought! NE Pats are there next and i dont think i am confident enough to say that they can beat the TEN hands-down. Also, come next season - TEN can be the Miami of 2005 season
  • Can the Offense give me a TD atleast now? For crying out loud, you have all of 29 yds to go (Note: NE Pats get a sack and punt. Yikees!)
  • Garrad with one more defense TD with a INT to Hope. All he used to do was win games. What happened to him?Memo to all Football analysts: Please, please - dont tell "All V Young does is win games". Atleast show some knowledge of the game by acknowledging that the defense does win games (like this match!)
  • T Brady: Why pass for 3 yards when you need 10? Pls understand., you are better than Carr.
  • If you remove the 43 yd pass by Brady, he has a stat of 15/21 for 66 yds. Thats 4 yds per catch made. Yee Gods!
  • Kitna: How bad! You throw a INT and follow it up with a face mask.
  • Will the NE Pats offense give me a TD! It's all of 5 yards i am asking for!!!!! (Note: NE goes 3 and out and get a FG)
  • What in the world has happened to the NE Offense? Tom Brady - what is going on
  • R.Parrish to BUF 2 for -15 yards (D.Pope). How on earth can you lose 15 yds on a punt return!
  • With an offense like NE Pats, i wonder if they will have success against the likes of the BAL, SD in the playoffs. Atleast for fun, the Pats should try and throw the ball downfield or else Brady might just forgot that such a thing exists
  • Favre having more fun! (Note: 3 INTs, 1 Fumble lost for the game!)
  • Saints should acquire A Thomas in the free agency.
  • DET - How can you not convert from the 12 yd line? I dont think you deserve to win even though BF is handing it to you on a platter. BTW., i think all BF does is 'win games'
  • how can one have illegal formation on a QB kneel down?
  • Morency should be cut by the GB Packers with immediate effect. How can he score a TD when he has to step out of bounds at the 1 for BF to do: (a) One more meaningless TD (b) INT in the End zone for increasing the amount of fun he is having.

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