Monday, December 04, 2006

American Football: Week 13 1 PM games - 2nd half

Second half thoughts as posted in Football Outsiders' game day discussion forum:
  • Larry Johnson ... may be Herm Edwards does not love you. Why? He has already given you 297 carries and you are on record for 410+ carries for the season. Have you thought about life after football yet?
  • Packers. You are down by 31 points on your home field in the 3rd quater. Why, in the name of god are you attempting a FG from Jets 15 yd line. This is the moment when TMQ would have written "Game Over" if he already didn't
  • Wow! What a 1st round draft pick bust. Mike Williams (USC) has ZERO receptions while Josh McCown, the back QB has one.
  • Goat of the Week: R. Grossman ... 3/10 for 22 yds and 3 INTs ... how gross!
  • SF 49ers attempt an onside kick and recover. What a sweet play!
  • Can you believe it: The two 2-9 teams are ahead at this point
  • Can you believe it (Part 2): Colts are behind at this point. After being behind by 14 points, Atlanta offense has scored 24 points.
  • Who is this derek anderson? if he is any decent, why is he with the browns?
  • Does NE have a lousy 3rd passing defense to compensate for its great 3rd down rushing defense?
  • How can you let two 1-30 situations to be converted? How bad is the NE secondary that you are being stood up by one of the worst team in NFL?
  • should the pats go for 1 or for 2 if there is a TD now?
  • Stop the press! E James has atlast got his first 100 yd game and the YPC is also pretty decent
  • I think it is a great thing from NFL to list major milestones reached during the game. Earlier it was about Hanson and now it is Dillion's 11000 yds
  • 3-11-NO 8 (13:24) (Shotgun) D.Brees pass short right to R.Bush ran ob at SF 18 for 74 yards. 1-10-NO 18; (12:53) D.McAllister left end to SF 14 for 68 yards (B.Moore). I am confused. I am listing this down from NFL's gamecenter. can someone explain
  • With 4 TDs, Reggie Bush has ensured that Peter King is gonna smooch all over him in tomorrow's MMQB (wait it is 0230 here and so technically, it is today's MMQB)
  • Wow., INT, fumble and sack-fumble in NE-DET game. And sigh., we are all professionals here.
  • Was that a 60 yd field goal by the Browns? 60 YARDS (scream! and everyone at home are awake)
  • Manning is 350 yds on 28 attempts with 1 TD and 2 FGs and still LOSES. Aye god! This one is a mulligan and does not count against him
  • Browns should just attempt a FG right away!
  • Can someone explain why the BROWNS ARE RUNNING. Why are they not trying for a FG right away?
  • The Pats win. Boy, was it ugly?

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