Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cricket - SA Ind Test Day 3 Random Musings

Some random thoughts during the match today:
  • I think it is a relief having the commentary after the endless nuisance that was dished out in the name of entertainment during championship trophy when the likes of Rohit Roy, Mandira Bedi and Charu Sharma contributed ZILCH to cricket discussions
  • Case in point, when Laxman was playing well - Sunny notes that Laxman would be a better batsman if he could get more comfortable going across and playing on the backfoot. That would enable him to counter the likes of Ntini and Nel. Hardly had the sentence been spoken, he goes on the backfoot and edges to the first slip. Providence! But above all good cricket commentary.
  • If Andre Nel is not bought to books by the match referee, they should scrap the rule.
  • What a shot! Tailender charging to a fast bowler and hitting for six is priceless!
  • What a dance! On one level it was pure adrenalin, on a different level, the gyrations made me wince
  • Why did you have to go for the second! bad decision!!
  • Liked the cameo of Sreesanth and VRV Singh when it lasted!
  • First over, first ball and SA is on pressure
  • Gibbs is GONE! What a ball. I am no more upset at the India's last wicket gift to SA
  • Superb Catch by Sehwag. Did not realise that he had so much movement on the field
  • Great bowling performance. SA could be wishing they had Sreesanth and Zaheer instead of Ntini and Nel
  • Gross! Vikram (or Vishal!) is trying to ape Sony's non-cricket shows and it is bad. ESS should stick to cricket
  • Sreesanth, you can be aggressive without walking into the batsman
  • If Sreesanth is not bought to books by the match referee, they should scrap the rule (Amla's dismissal). On second thoughts, Sreesanth will be bought to books and Nel will be let go free
  • Kumble is being neutralized well by the SA batsmen by sweeping behind square
  • That is OUT! Harper, how did you miss it? Prince had a thick edge to the keeper
  • That is OUT! Harper, how did you miss it? Boucher had a thin edge to the keeper. Two bad decisions by Harper in one afternoon
  • That is end of play. India should be reasonably happy.

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