Monday, December 11, 2006

Chatrapathi - Great title song!

Don't look right now, but I think this is a return of good music to telugu movies. This is very conviniently coincided with a few things:
  • Better overall movie production (better than recent tamil movies! - so much so, every hit telugu movie is being planned to be re-made into tamil soon)
  • Movement of telugu cine industry from chennai to hyderabad (is it just coincidence?)
  • Bigger hits with every movie for chiranjeevi (very little relevance overall, but thought i would add this as well!)

There is going to be a blog later in the week again on telugu movies, but this is the time to rejoice the resurgence. Movies are infintely better - Anand, Aa Laluguru, Godavri, Aathadu, Pokiri, Bommarilu, Aithe are some of the better ones i have seen in a long time. All movies that break the stereotype of telugu movies have done well in the box-office (i have given it away!).

There is one song in the recent times that has captured my amazement. I have heard it close to 25 times and everytime, it was amazing. The actual song is 3 mins and i shall search youtube to find the full version.

There is a high possibility that the tune has been "inspired" by some score elsewhere, but this one is real impressive.

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