Monday, December 18, 2006

NFL Sunday 1 PM Match - First Half

I usually stay up every sunday night to follow the New England Patriots games. I usually log onto to Football Outsiders' game day discussion forum and record my minute-to-minute musings. Summarizing them below:

  • Pac-Man Jones is on fire.
  • New England has a good running game going while the passing game seems anameic.
  • Is there anything new?Reality Check: At 4/7 for 21 yds - Tom Brady, your numbers are as good as David Carr. Short passes on checks
  • Favre sacked, fumbles. Yawn! Anything new around?
  • Kitna might be the worst game manager in NFL! Sorry, i forgot about Brad Johnson!
  • I wish the Pats offense shows up one more time before the season ends.
  • My money says that Favre will be given a chance for passing TD
  • Carr., Intercepted. Thank the NE Defense
  • wow! it 10-0 in the superdome? Did the saints leave a lot in their Sunday night match against the dallas last week?
  • The sad part is that inspite of a great year, Colvin won't make the Probowl. Shawm Merriman, Phillips (Both SD), A THomas (BAL) are right up there in terms of
    recall. And they do deserve to be above Colvin
  • I wish to volunteer myself for the Jaguars. I can be completed trusted to hand-off the ball to the running backs and all i do is win games for you doing it!. PS: Atleast i dont throw interceptions when you ask me to check for wind movements
  • wow! the pats starting on the 31 yd line. i need a TD on this one. Not a FG
  • i didnt realize that the JAX-TEN match pitted 2 QBs who 'just win games'.
  • Brady. DONT RUN! This is the Texans and you are too valuable to risk any injury in this game
  • NO Saint defense had an intensive training session with the Colts defense. Thank you very much! Now we cant tackle a dummy!
  • TB starts on CHI 26. Something tells me it is either a missed FG from here or a CHI INT returned for TD (Note: I was wrong. TB did connect on a 45 yd FG!)
  • 3-20 against the NE Pats. Something tell me that they will convert. Isnt it surprising NE pats would rather have 3-1 rather than 3-20 (Note: wrong again. Texans didnt convert., but this is the Texans. Anomoly to every rile)
  • Wow! That epitomizes how ugly the Texans are. You need 20 yds and you try a short pass!
  • NE Offense: One advice. MOVE TOWARDS opponent's endzone., not yours
  • i got a great idea! how about swapping NE & PHI playbooks. That means more short passes in the PHI book and more long passes in the NE book. Round of applause for the genius.i can see someone patting on my back. Nope that is a spider!
  • 1:43 and the ball on NO 2. If Drew Brees gets a TD, i guess the debate for the MVP will be over
  • i think the def pass interference rule should be modified. DPI should mean that the offense gets 5 yds and automatic first down. Also, you could think of penalizing the defense one member (10 players instead of 11) on the next play.

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