Friday, December 01, 2006

Rioting - forced or protest!

What kind of explanation with the political ecosystem provide for destruction of state infrastructure?

if you did not know, miscreants defiled an Ambedkar statue in Uttar Pradesh and the far-off Maharastra saw heavy rioting in protests.

I am appalled that someone even thought of defiling Ambedkar's statue - he definitely ranks up there amongst Gandhi, Nehru and Patel as diverse contributors to the great foundation of the nation.

However, none can justify the destruction of buses, cars and trains because a few ill-minded fellows damaged a stone statue. On last count, there were 3 human casualities - and in my books, three too many. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism and i am sure Buddhism has no place for violence in its religion. True Ambedkar loyalists would not have gone on a rampage and instead would have bought the miscreants to shame with their non-violence. It is sad to see that political and militant organization can stoop to the lowest of levels to attract attention and gain mileage from any small incident.

Makes me wonder, is there any difference between the miscreants and the political organizations - both were vandalizing the state dignity for their myopic pleasures - and that's what would have saddened Ambedkar if he was alive today. As a nation, we failed him today.

PS: I added a link to IE article that explicitly calls out RPI as being involved in the rioting - a charge the party denies.

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