Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Satyendra Dubey

Satyendra Dubey epitomizes the true value that every Indian should religiously adhere to. He had Mahatmas dream-come-true personality - a villager who fought his way to India's best education (IIT Kanpur), chose a public service job and wanted to aid India in its dream for becoming a super-power by working at its grassroots.

It is appaling that the government has shown little dedication to the cause of Satyendra Dubey - be it in bringing his killers to justice or showing sincerity in getting a whistleblowers regulation in place, though there are plans to introduce one in the winter session of parliament (3 years after his death)

Please do visit the SK Dubey Foundation, by clicking here

For those who have little idea of SK Dubey - here is a summary: SK Dubey hails from Bihar Village, gets selected to one of India's best Engg colleges (IIT Kanpur), passes out with academic honors, takes up job in india's public service instead of pursuing options in US (like a lot of Indian Enggs) and was posted with the National Highways dept as project manager. When he bought corruption to the notice of his higher officials, his identity was leaked inspite of requests and was murdered a little later in 2003.

A detailed brief of his profile can be found here.

NDTV aired a profile of Satyendra Dubey last night and it was quite moving. I realised that while we are jostling with day-to-day issues, here is a role model for Indian youth and he hardly gets the attention he deserves.

Even yesterday, he had to compete with MPs taking offense to Cricket Coaches remark, Sanjay Dutt's visit to temple before verdict & Abhishek - Aish tryst in Varanasi. It is sad that India has lost perspective of a fallen hero in pursuit of trivial news about Cricket & Cinema!

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