Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some Random Sports Thoughts

One more siesta and any confidence that i had in my discipline is completely dead. I am back in the blog, after i joined Orkut and a few people had a few nice things to tell me of my blog. I am hoping to blog twice a week and lets see how much i can keep up my word.

Out at home, my Brother - Sailesh and his wife (Radha Vodhina) are back in Chennai after their 5 month stay in Minneapolis, MN. Been a lot of fun, since they arrived on saturday.

On to the random 'sports' thoughts:

1. It is a sad day when we have 24 year swimming champions retire. When Ian Thorpe pulled out of the swimming circuit - the whole sport is lesser without him. That he dominated the sport, is an understatement. He destroyed his opposition and the lack of any competitors destroyed his competitive spirit. What next - Australian Cricket pulling out of test cricket and the dominant Roger Federer leaving tennis for lack of competition.

2. First it was Roger and now the NE Pats. The New England Patriots demolished the Green Bay Packers 35 - 0 and boy, it was tough for meek opponents this week. Maybe it is time that Brett Favre retires and allows the Packers to move on.

3. Nature helped India avoid the above fate by sending torrential showers in the rained-out Ind-SA ODI match.

4. Been following a lot of NFL action that i find it hard to spend time on some of my traditional sport. Damn the NFL season, it is just too hectic!

PS: I started making a pic blog of anna's wedding. Will post it soon!


Anonymous said...

Just reading your comment on the Thorpe story: I'm from BBC World Service's World Have Your Say programme (www.bbcnews.com/worldhaveyoursay), we're a global discussion programme, thinking about discussing Thorpe's retirement on the show; looking at the pressure on sportspeople, Australian sportspeople, swimming as a sport, all sorts.

Would you be interested in speaking on the show? It goes out at 6pm GMT,
Joseph Mitchell

+44 207 557 0635


Sportingo said...


You seem to know quite a bit about a lot of sport topics. Do you have favorite teams or sports or you just cover all of them?


Ch V Kalyan said...

hey., thanks for the comments - my interest are Cricket, American Football, Formula 1, Tennis and Golf in that order

I do entertain a few of my friends by following Football as well.