Thursday, November 30, 2006

Anna's Wedding - Post 1 (Pre-marraige Chennai Cermony!)

Here we go., snaps from anna's wedding ... let me try and cover as many people that participated in the wedding as possible. If someone feels that his snap has been missed, send me a holler and i shall add the same.

Date: 16-Feb-2006
Venue: Home

Groom & his aide:

Before the wedding, there is a ceremony where the "groom" is ordained to be one. An interesting fact, that i learnt is that the groom needs to have parayani from this day onwards till the wedding day.

What is parayani? Why do you think, anna and myself are holding our trousers high. Parayani is turmeric paste applied to the feet with some designs in vermillion paste.

Spot the Difference:

That's Kiran Vodhia with Tanushree and Vijaya Vodhina with Teja - with each other's kids swapped for the snap.

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