Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Wedding Bells ring close home

Not quite me, but the number of weddings that i have participated in 3 months of near and dear are quite immense & hence i wanted to put them on record for the groom & bride to see. For these weddings, i criscrossed the country. Committed prejury of waking up at 3AM to catch an Air Deccan flight, gave my birthday a miss - spending it instead on a train to catch yet another wedding; braved high temperature & travelled to Hyderabad & all this in a short span of 3 months.

This blog is in preparation to Karthik & Merlin - who are getting ready to tie the knot next week. Watch this space for their wedding snaps next week.

Rachna & Anil - 6 September 2004 (Guruvayur)
Notes - The snap is from the wedding reception (Venue - Kollam) on the 7th of September. The next day, i was out on the backwaters.

Senthil & Chitra - 16 September 2004:
Notes - Snap carved out of the group snap for the wedding reception (Sept 15, 2004)

Mridumesh & Radhika - 2 October 2004 (New Delhi):
Notes - Mridumesh & I were introduced to each other on a staircase in my office. I was eating Chikki & his first sentence was - "Now that we are introduced, can i have Chikki". He earned not only Chikki but also my friendship!

Vimal Bhushan & Anuradha - 27 November 2004:
Notes: The wedding was at 0100 hrs and there are quite a few Telugu Weddings that go late into the night. When the wedding was over & all of us retired to bed, it was 5 AM!

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