Friday, May 20, 2005

The Ideal New England South Indian Restaurant

It took me almost 9 months and 4 trips to boston to discover what i wanted for a long time - a nice Indian restaurant and a feeling of warmth even before the meal lands on the table. To its credit, Chennai Woodlands is in Ashland and a couple of miles away from Udipi Bhavan in a shopping mall and its outside look a galaxy away from the elegant and majestic station location of the Udipi Bhavan or even the modest looks of Masaala (Billerica). For the location, i think they are looking at 7/10

However where these restaurants lose to CW is the feeling of arriving in a 'hotel' back home. There was something in the host's eyes and the smile and it wasn't fake like the many i encounter on a daily basis in here. For the The menu card is very simple. I saw dosas, more dosas and many more dosas. They should rename the name to Dosa World. Nope, dosas are not the only thing, there are the usual indian stuff - breads, subjis and all that "Thou shall not touch and commit sin" - said the Dosa God. For the service, a 9/10 and the menu breadth - 9/10

And i agree with him - while others tucked to dosas, i ate Peseratu with upma and it was deligtful. The appetizer - mirapakai bajji was hot, upma smooth, pesaratu crisp and the mango lassi tasty. For the food, i gave 10.5/10

However there a few glitches, the main one being that they serve water in plastic glass, there is always something to improve!

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