Monday, May 30, 2005

Doze Off!

Chachu & kids left today for Tenali and once i dropped them off in the Station, attacked a few dosas, finished a Sherlock Holmes series, i decided to rest a bit. Just that, 'a bit' lasted a heavenly 18 hours. From 1030 on Sunday till about 0500 on Monday, it was slumber that occupied 'my inert attention'

It was quite refreshing and it has been quite a while since i have done it. The most memorable 20+ sleep session was way back during School when Parthu anna was visiting. If i am not too wrong, it lasted between 0900 on the first day and 0600 on the subsequent day during school break!

It also felt nice to hear the chirping of the birds as you wake up (not that they don't do it daily, but i am not out of bed till the Sun cranks up the heating system!)

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