Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sarin & Aditya - Friends Forever

Seen here is a snap of me (left), Sarin Gopinath Menoky (Center) along with Sashi - a colleague of ours. This snap dates back to March 2003.

Long Lonely Road Upahead

On a road well beaten, i walk down once again
Why ? not one more, i hear people say
why not ? for each is special, my inner voice speaks gay
an ode to the special person

the meeting was common, loads of people introducted that day
he was not common, with a choclate smile, heart of a child
mannerisms of a governess, frienship of a gentleman
he came over to say - Hi, i am sarin

no, that was not when we became friends
no, it was not the manali party
no, it was not when he came to chennai

while adi & i went like a rocket, sarin was the train
discovery await us at each station
each station defining & reinventing the path called "friendship"

today, i stand across the road, not knowing what to say
sad., for both adi & sarin cannot be seen across the corridor
but hopeful that their journey will bring them back
pray that i be taught lessons if friendship, over again

cursuing the lord, for he forgot
to teach me, way to turn back time
to laugh, smile, fight & enjoy the pleasures of my friends
cursing for making my path empty !!!

long lonely road upahead !!!

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Mridu said...

senti kar diyaa, aur sad bhi