Sunday, May 15, 2005

Explain-ing the Last Blog

As I was going thru my mailbox today, I found the note that i wrote when Sarin was shifted to Bangalore and it was like the end of the party. Aditya moved to Delhi, the year before and hence the small memory, my thanks to them. Even today, i keep in touch with them, to hear the excuses of Sarin and the endless cribs of Aditya transports me back to those glory days. In fact, thinking hard - i dont think i have a photo of Aditya & me together; should get one next time around. Adi - If you any, bounce to me!

In friendship 1+1≠2; Thanks to their friendship - i enjoyed the friendship of a few more; Santosh, Mridumesh, Ramesh and the many more that i met.

The snap is from the Mahabalipuram trip in June 2003 in Mridu's new car. From left to right, Mirudmesh, Santosh, Rames & Sarin.In fact, i should thank Mridumesh for my car - when i saw him drive one, i said to myself, - if he can, i can !


GratisGab said...

I like the Boston city pics...did you take them?

Ch V Kalyan said...

Yes. I took those snaps during my trips to Boston. Great to hear that you liked them. In fact, i visited the blogs of yours and Alpha and they were great.

Mridu said...

arrey yaar, bas kyaa, even if mridu can't, kalyan can!!