Sunday, May 08, 2005


Stranger things can never be though of! Because of feedback on my car driving skills has ranged from good to aggresive - i decided to discontinue my stand to be righteous when driving (punishment for people for breaking traffic rules, was prolonged honking!) and be more open to mistakes on the road. That cut down the utilization of my horn by about 90%

But fate is without it's ironies; I was visiting a friend of mine when i got caught in the first mad-Indian traffic jam. I was turning right into a narrow street from the main road; when there were some motorcycles stranded as the riders of one of them was busy fighting with a transport vehicle for alleged traffic violation. When the transport vehicle moved forward, he wanted to turn left into the main road & there was the small matter of my car sitting in his way. I tried backing into the main road to leave him space (remember, the change in principle) & went nowhere as a car came to a dead halt a couple of yards behind me. Before the transport vehicle could move back, a couple of cars overtook the vehicle and parked right in front of me.

Resembling sand filling spaces in a bottle of pebbles, all free real estate on the road got filled with the countless motorcyles, autorickshaws & cyclist. In fact, most of the motorcyclists & cyclists took it as a personal challenge to ensure that they crossed this jam. While, at first all these was quite humurous to me, seeing people being so insensitive to others and adding to the jam made me sad and angry at the same time. I extricated myself from the jam, was by abadoning the plan to turn off the main road and continue on it for a good couple of kilometers. The process of maintaining road discipline fell on a police constable, who happened to be there by chance. He took control and gave a hearing to quite a few people, thankfully sparring me.

As i snaked through the dense aftermath of the traffic jam, i saw a huge backlog, right upto a kilometer deep. The impact of one person's lethargy (a autorickshaw was parked at the beginning of the road), a person's fighting tendency (the motorcyclist), an impatient car driver pulled me into the first traffic jam.

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