Sunday, May 22, 2005

Teen Life!

Water in Hindu Mythology symbolizes the pureness. The rivers are holy and represent the various godess who are gifted with the abundant power of removing people's sin. The ganges is magnificient and pure, the river Saraswati mythical in its disappearance, Brahmaputra mythical in presence.

To me, when i visited Niagara last year - it looked like Niagara falls seemed to me like a TEENAGER - the transition phase in between the chubby neighbourhood loved kid to the responsible man, he finally becomes. The phase is rocky and has its highs and lows and i thought during the 2 visits that the flow of water best illustrates it.

Enjoy the snaps!

Water in Niagara, just starting to show signs of teen-age madness. The river is dammed before this area and the pristine, calm waters that flows between 2 lakes has seen the first of its shocks!

As it nears the falls, the water and its surroundings sense the moment. If one were to walk away from the falls, some 300 yards away - there is an errie silence to the flowing water. Preparing for the big moments. Rapids and some action also participate in this picture

The Party is under way. Things seem to be in control and out of it, at the same time and the water is ready to release its energy and make that grand jump! The leap to greatness

The first moments of the leap. Things are very exciting and few make it to the edge and experience calm air on all sides except one, though a majority of them still have to be wedged inside, their moments of greatness squashed between umpteen others.

The leap is taken and the brief moment of glory is lived.

These moments are previous as the water cannot make it to the top of the fall all over again unless in its next life (evaporate, rain into the same lake - tough luck!) What follows the rush of its youth is utilization to others (hydro electric power) and then a quiet exit into the lake ending in the ocean.

Does that remind me of life? Every moment, i enjoyed the beautiful sight of it


ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman) said...

The very first one itself revealed itself!
Ah, Niagra!

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