Saturday, May 21, 2005

Cave of the Wind

One of the pleasures of the Niagara Falls & something that i enjoy more than the 'Maid of the Mist' is the 'Cave of the Wind'. A ride down a few hundred feet followed by the walk down the narrow tunnel leads us, closer to the bottom of the falls. Walking on the ramp made of wood and struck between rocks, i felt very vulnerable - not that i doubted the safety tests by the Niagara team, but moreso, as a respect to the Mother Nature.

Walk up the wooden structure, this time around - due to the kind of battering that a camera can suffer; i safely tucked the camera, cell phone, specs inside the plastic coat and to avoid any chances of damage. This also gave me an opportunity, unlike last time around to enjoy the scenary around rather than be involved in taking photographs. As i walked up, there were multiple streams running after the water hit the rocks and boy, wasn't the water cold. Especially for someone like me, born on the wrong side of the tropics - the coldness of the water was quite numbing even when i was expecting something this cold.

After getting soaked a bit, i walked to the Hurricane zone, a wooden platform that takes one as close to realising the power of this natural beauty. 'Bridal Veil' is a "miniscule stream" in the grand plan of Niagara falls and for us, not be able to stand underneath it without the deflections from a large rock puts mankind in its position as dictated by Nature

A couple of minutes at the Hurricane zone, the plastic coat groaning on the constant twists that the downward wind of the falls brings in and the anxiety of keeping all my belongings intact, led me after from spending more time. But, Cave of the Wind needs to be engaged to realise the beauty blessed to us

A must experience for all

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