Thursday, May 12, 2005

Boston beauty!

A residential building complex right next to the Prudential Towers in Boston; this building is well known form its top structure

Sunset wonder at the Prudential Towers. As the sun goes down in the winter, the whole city braces for the chill that follows from the sea (on the other side).

Prudential Towering over Boston. The photo is an acute angle and was taken from the second floor terrace of Prudential Tower. The top 2 floors - which has the Sjywalk and a resturant are visible as small slabs at the top of the picture.

One of my favourite snaps, mainly because of the way the building seem to pierce the clouds and disappear into Infinity. Also the clouds & the Sun reflected on the glass adds to the depth of the snap.Tall buildings are quite a favorite of mine.

Boston Common is a large park and is quite beautiful anytime of the year. In spring & summer, the green park sparks causalness, the varied colours of autmn brings joy and the snowy white park in winter represents, to me the calmness of the storm. Nice place to relax. Also seen int the snap is the downtown Boston highrisers (Prudential, Haynes, Hancock etc)

Last picture was of the Boston Downtown from the Common. This one is the reverse; Taken from the Prudential tower, this photo covers the Boston Common as well as the Mass Senate (Dome covered in Gold coating!)

Another of my favorites. The glass building is John Hancock Tower and the reflection is of a church along with another highrise. Reflections of life & building!

The hallowed structure of a prestigious institute ., Massachussets Institute of Technology - Do i need to say more?

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