Saturday, May 07, 2005

Nostalgia in the Air

This weekend has been pretty tough. There was quite a lot of expectations that i built for Karthik's wedding & because of the customer's request - i am travelling to Boston early on Tuesday, a day before Karthiks' big day. Life can never be predicatable.

When things like these happen, fate also tries to balance & thus the start of the weekend has been anything but forgetable as nostalgia of the Balalok school days wash back as we went about inviting old school friends for Karthik's wedding. Meeting people after a long time; some married, some with kids, most of the parents showering us with the same kindness & adulation & it fills the heart with joy

Staying on Nostalgia, Main Hoon Na - I am there (for you) was shown on television & the song chori chori reminded me of a similar song from the movie Mohabattein (Love). The thing about the song is that i don't remember the lyrics but the song is sketched in my memory because of the climax of the song. Helen - an yesteryear dancer of great fame, acts as the headmistress is invited to dance by the hero - Shah Rukh Khan (Incidentally, the hero of Main Hoon Naa as well!). What follows is two minutes of the greatest joy of cinema as Helen launches into a dance what talks of the freedom of mind; She might have aged, but thankfully the mind has not. The joy she displays, as she retraces some of her dance sequences, on her face - is mindblowing. She invites everyone to her party, reminding them of that age afterall is a state of acceptance, that everyone can look at it in the eye and find ways of overcoming inhibitions that people associate with advancing age.

The dance, which bringing joy, entertainment - also makes a statement on life.

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