Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sky's Saber

The last week was hectic and i will make have to backmark my blogs with some of the notes that i managed to take down in the hectic last week. The entire US television network and otherwise seem to be down with the starwarmaina-ic virus and i saw talk show hosts invite just about everyone save the light boy to shed some thoughts on this epic double triology, even weathermen branding saber as if the force turned them into jedi warriors of the nature

Talking of the saber & nature, it is just about the same thought i had when i fly back from US to India. Since dusk sets in, we are allowed to keep the window shutters open & if one were to spend more time watching the dusk (somewhere over atlantic ocean) and the subsequent dawn (over the coast of Britan), sights unparalled 35,000 feet below open up for you.

First the sunset, at the mark of dusk, nature opens it's saber and there is a orange band of light that seperates the 2 darkness - one spreading to the sky & the other to the earth. As time goes, the invisble jedi cranks up the intensity of the saber and dull orange gives way to bright red. Soon, the saber is withdrawn and the darkness wins the battle, temporarily.

At dawn, the battle starts again, with the bright red streak appearing as an afterthought before getting entrenched in the neverland called horizon. Soon the saber spreads warmth on both sides and blackness gives way to pristine blue. While there is darkness when we hit Ireland, by the time the shores of Britan are left behind - the Sun is ready for his next journey (or should we say, the Earth is ready!)

It is truly beautiful to see this sight and i really envy those space traveller who can see much more and that single thought is enough for me to thank the Lord for this wonderful beauty.

PS: I am unable to use Hello at my home for some issue and hence will update this post with a few snaps sometime in the near future.

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