Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Of all things., Weather!

First things first, i added a lot of sports columnist on the side tab of the blog. Most of these columnists are my favourite and i follow them quite religiously. One of the more interesting one is that of Peter King. I got hooked onto NFL on my previous trips to the US (I was in US for both Superbowl 38 & 39) and to learn more on the game, started reading Peter King & now i can't wait for Monday night to come in India, so that i can catch up with the comun before i head home. In Cricket, Harsha is my favorite - reminds of school headmasters: difficult to please, stern on border cases and kid gloves when you need a lift; Cricinfo & Sports Illustrated would be the most visited sports site. Enjoy all these!

The weekend was great; saturday was spent resting after the heavy duty action of the previous week, the main culprit being the 150 Kms that Karthik made me drive. Sunday, headed down to Billerica and had a great lunch at Masalaa. This is one of the few South Indian Cuisine restaurants in Mass., others of note being Udipi Bhavan (Framingham) and Chennai Woodlands (Ashland). By the time, we hit the Rivere beach and subsequently Galleria mall, the source of the picture - it was 1900 Hrs and had a great time.

All while long, i heard quite a few mild complaints from people about the weather. I personally wouldn't mind a place where it rains often and stays overcast most of the time. I enjoyed the weather in Jamshedpur (during monsoon) and the weather in Boston - be it in Winter (Snow) and in spring (rain) suits well with me. The snap is from Feb, outside my hotel room.

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