Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dakshin Chitra Revisited

Took mom's sister to the place that constantly keeps growing on me - Dakshin Chitra. I felt it was quite important for the 'Citizens of tomorrow' - the kids to know and appreciate the culture of India. That way, when they come into contact with people from different cultures, they would be able to appreciate & learn from them

First things first, ECR is cool. But i still think that the NH5 i saw in AP as part of the Golden Quadrilateral or even the NH45 (Chennai to Tiruchy/Madurai) is a better road to drive safely. Primarily because there is little civilization that gets tempted to jum in front of your car. I know that ECR lovers would point that i hadn't ventured far into ECR but my feedback is based on what i have seen till Mahabalipuram

Once we hit Dakshin Chitra, it was hectic sightseeing, photograph sessions, shopping for my cousins and by the time we were ready to leave in the evening - purses were lighter, car heavier, spirits wilder. I would definetely recommend that all visit this place as i wonder how many kids these days get to see their native village and learn and appreciate the kind of art forms in Rural India. The only disappointment for me, was the Glass Artist who had an impressive collection was absent and i was looking forward to making some purchases there

I guess i have to wait till the next time!

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