Friday, April 29, 2005

God's Own Country

The power of marketing is such that, a few things are imbibed into your system as facts - irrespective of the reality. Kerala, a beautiful strip of land - has been well marketed as God's Own Country by the Tourism Ministry and i fully agree with them.

The pics on the blog were taken in September 2004, during a visit to my friend's wedding. The pictures were taken on the ride from Kollam to Allepey. A picturesque journey of about 80 Kms, taken at a lazy & leisurely pace of over 6 hours - the journey allows one to enjoy the beauty all around

The best time to go visit Kerala would be September to November after the yearly monsoon season. The day of my trip, i rained early in the day and to my surprise the weather changed over the course of the day - from rain to overcast to bright & sunny: all in 3 hours allowing me some breathtaking shots.

On the tip please don't forget the following - a camera, casual clothes, lots of cash in small denominations. Also, the trip pleasure is inversly propotional to te time you spend broodinga about work back home.

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