Saturday, April 09, 2005

Meaning of my name & Cricket

As i was looking to create a blog - i "googled" for the meaning of my name and turned up with this link - where the meaning of my first name is described as 'Fortunate'. That sets me of look for the meaning of my full name - which as i know stands as Chatrathi Venkata Aditya Vimal Kalyan. Once i know the results, will let you know. I thought the name meant "Good luck" as the term Tera Kalyan Ho would be used to bless someone with good luck but i guess the word fotunate goes too!

Enough of the name! but before we move on - i sure am very fortunate to have parents, family, relatives and friends as i have. I just hope i am bringing as much good fortunate to them as they are to me.

Today, India is playing Pakistan in the 3rd ODI of the series in Jampot (Short for Jamshedpur) - the place where
XLRI is. It would have been fun if there was any international match during my MBA days - but the closest we had was a ODI in Kolkatta that we defeated England. I am not too sure if India will win today - but the whole series has been quite a lot of ups and downs and i believe that that does good for the game.


mridumesh said...
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mridumesh said...

And I was lucky enough to witness that match of India and England at Kolkata.

As for your name, I still strongly believe that Kalyan means "Good Fortune" rather than fortunate.

Have fun,you are motivating me to start my own blog too....... lets see, if i have enough willpower