Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Terri - The last thoughts from me on her suffering!

In her death, Terri Schiavo has raised more questions than ever. I first noticed the case early this year when it was competing with the Tsunami news on CNN. I followed the story even after i came back from the US through news channels and Terri's Parent's website.

I must admit that i made a few judgement calls about the manner in which the law made judgement on the case and believe me, i would not have invited Michael Schiavo for a drink to my home. Infact, i was wondering why the Judiciary was so firm on its decision; that logic seems not to be part of their system

A lot of that changed, a week earlier as i was hosting a few friends from US - one of them a lawyer who used to fight for the under privileged. I was expecting her to take sides with Terri's parents but she showed me the neutral path -
  • A path where one cannot deny that the law was implemented in letter
  • A path where the judiciary was kind enough to have the case come up to review, a zillion times
  • A path where the fundamental rights of privacy of a marraige were allowed to be questioned - Did Terri ever tell her husband that she didn't want to suffer? Did Michael have the best interest of his wife?
  • A path where a person's actions has been subject to the highest scrutiny

and i could not, but agree with her. The only thing that i still feel is that the lady could have been delivered to the Lord in a much more decent fashion. Michael Schavio might still not be invited home, but when i meet him on the road - i will atleast spare him a smile; a dignity, most might not shower on him -with the negative press he had to endure.

Let Terri, rest in peace and her husband carry on with his life.

PS: Politicians are know to mess with things that they need not get attached to in the first place and the Republicans sealed the fate of Terri, by trying to gain publicity out of supporting her. They, more than anyone else, should shoulder the blame for her cruel end.

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