Friday, April 08, 2005

Small Pleasures

Last Saturday, i went to a movie after a long time (Night Shows in India usually start at 2200) along with my school friends & my brother.

The movie was called Mayavi (Magician) & deals with a young vagabond (
Surya) kidnapping a cine star (Jyothika, playing herself!). Wonderful movie (music & songs are not too great!) and is a must watch!

Quite a few thoughts during the movie -

1. The fact that i was in a movie after nearly a year (discounting HPIII & Spiderman II - movies watched in cinema halls in US) did not escape my mind. In fact, wondered - Didn't one have time to enjoy small pleasures of life when quite young and not so much to do? I always looked forward to movies that the entire family went to - Dad used to take to family oriented movies (of
Visu) & i always looked forward to the Rs 5 Icecreams. The evening of movie, i went to Movenpick along with friends & ran a bill of Rs 700; but the pleasure wasn't the same - no problems with the Movenpick product; However the pleasures of a crowded cinema hall ice cream was much more than the one consumed in the comfort of leather couches.

More can be named; however - the questions still remains: What happened to the small pleasures, have we lost the smaller details of life in pursuit of the 'bigger picture' or is it vice-versa?

2. In the movie, there is a role of a handicapped lady - wonderfully acted (Dunno if the lady suffers really or otherwise!) - leaving me to wonder the kind of treatment that we subject the handicapped people in India. When i visited US, the first thing that i noticed was the amount of effort taken to make sure these people lead normal life. When i came back from US, the lack of handicap facilities was the first thing i noticed in the Chennai Airport as well (No, the weather & air pollution are not even factors i feel, after 3 trips!)

What makes us treat people in such brutal fashion? Excuse of being a developing nation is a sham; while i keep seeing reports of the large handicap population in India; my heart feels for them.

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