Monday, January 29, 2007

Sankaranthi Trip to Vijayawada - Day 1

For the Sankranthi holidays, the entire family spent a few days in Vijayawada - the first two days spent in a blur going to various pilgrimage sites and the next two recuperating from these journeys. On the first day it was a trip to Mopidevi temple. Unlike the way the name suggests, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva & the serpent king. The temple takes the name of the village.

Next on the radar was a journey to a village called hamasaladeevi - i hope i spelled it right. The village is famous only for 2 things - an old but vibrant temple and that Krishna river joins the Bay of Bengal outside the village.

This is the snap taken on the way from the village to the beach front.

Since we were short of time, we did not take a boat ride from a marked spot to the joining point and instead settled on visiting the beach. The following snap is the long range photo of the spot where River Krishna meets Bay of Bengal

The building in the picture has been built by the Andhra Pradesh government as vantage points to be used by the tourists. However within the 20 days of its inauguration by none less than the governor of Andhra Pradesh, there was none in these guest houses and vandals had already defiled the place.

The following snaps are those of my family. From L to R, my sister-in-law's dad, Dad, Mom, Anna and Vodhina.

You can see me in between Anna & Dad

After the visit to the beach, it was time to go to Machilipatnam to visit my aunt - father's sister where i took a well deserved siesta for all the exertions of the previous few hours. Why not sleep in the cab? The cab had a DVD player and we saw Shankardada MBBS (a remake of the Hindi Superhit Munnabhai MBBS) and Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana (Translation: If you want to come, I won't say NO!). While it could be considered effective utilization of time to watch movies during the journey, it was not enjoyable as we missed on the jokes and general time-pass conversations. For the next day trip, i made up mind not to play DVDs during the journey.

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