Monday, January 08, 2007

NE Pats V/s NY Jets - Wild Card Playoff Game

Musings from the NE Pats - NY Jets game:

  • What did we realize in the DAL-SEA game? Romo is not the second coming of Brady circa 2001. The ghosts of ‘iron leg’ Drew Dledsoe are exhorted forever …
  • Did i read right in NFL gamecenter - the Pats went “NO HUDDLE” for the second play of the game?
  • I hope mangini has some master plan as it looks like the “Empire Strikes back” is the show for the afternoon. Disclaimer: They just played ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ on TV!
  • And the Jets go "no huddle" .. looks like the defenses might have a long day ... BTW, has there been any game with a significant "no huddle" strategy adopted
    across both teams
  • thats probably the difference between the jets and the pats. Both went "no huddle" - Pats went 4/6 for 50 yds on passing; 4 and 15 yds on the ground with a TD to boot. The jets had a sack, a scramble and an incomplete. but what scares me is, mangini is gonna put together a great team within a couple of seasons and AFC East might turn out like a AFC West (strong teams!)
  • Oh no! Not the 15 yd penalties again!!!
  • Great! Ramsey is in! Atleast Chad knew which direction to throw to ...
  • Purds/93: In this universe, everything that Tom Brady does is right and everything that Peyton does is wrong. I thought you figured that out by now!
  • In my books, Mangini missed a trick ... I dont think punting from your opponent's 36 yd line will win you games in playoffs. maybe i am wrong, but he did not take a right decision
  • 105/Purds: I said it in humor., since mine is bad - maybe you did not see it. BTW, i am upset that the Pats get a lot of 15 yd penalties but i also think that they are naive to draw attention from the ref (this is the 8th or 9th game where i have noticed a 15 yd penalty and the pats have not been able to adjust to it)
  • Was that a QB sneak from TB on 3 & 1? Since the Pats use it a lot, why are the opponents falling for it, for so long?
  • another 3&7 ... will the pats pass defense raise upto the situation?
  • The Pats are grinding the clock ... current drive started with 7:05 in second quarter and we are already down to 2 min warning .. i guess they will take another minute off the clock
  • The Pats take 6:54 off the clock for a 15 play drive killing any chances of Jets reply to the Pats score (unless there is a kickoff TD return!)
  • NE 12-Brady 10th straight playoff game with a TD pass, tying Ken Stabler & Joe Montana for 3rd longest streak in NFL history (Favre 16 and Marino 12). Some of
    the stats that don't add much value to any measure
  • There we go again ... another 15 yd penalty... as much as the pats fans can moan that they are BS calls., the fact that the pats players are being careless means that they are not learning anything ...
  • Is Asante Samuel in the game? I dont see him on the stats sheet.
  • C.Pennington to NYJ 46 for -6 yards. Wouldn’t that be a sack?
  • Wilfork chased down by Mangold .. man, that is two huge people rolling down the field ...
  • Is there anyone here who agrees with the Jets strategy of going for FGs rather than taking chances when in the redzone? I didnt like the last one and i didnt like this one as well.
  • Chad Jackson sighting in the game ... alas, only an incomplete
  • Pennington: 20/31 for 256 & 1 TD; Brady: 20/31 for 202 & 1 TD; pretty remarkable!
  • How did Asante NOT get picked for Pro-bowl? Qn2: Will NE pats give Asante a huge contract or will they leave him to go as a free-agent?
  • 320/James: Couldn't have said it better. Pats win because they have been before and they have a good running game. The Jets will be here (if they dont disgress in mangini's sophomore year!) with a good running game. Maybe they should move up the draft and grab AP
  • One final word: The Jets can be proud with the way they were able to stick for three and half quarters with the Patriots - a much superior team. With a few additions - pass rush and running game, they can stay as a force to recokon in the AFC East.

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Could you please let me know which TV network is telecasting the superbowl game next sunday - 2/4/2007?

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