Thursday, January 18, 2007

Relook at Divisional Playoff predictions and looking for conference games

Relook at what i wrote last time around!

Saints v/ Eagles: The most likely match to figure an upset. Do i trust Jim Johnson's blitzes or Payton's play-calling. Tough to decide. I think the key matchup is Brian Westbrook against the Saints defense? I think the playoff experience will help the Eagles and they might just edge out the saints. Prediction - Eagles

Wrong. There is too much karma for the Saints, not to speak of Brees, McAllister and Bush. I still think that the Eagles could have won if McNabb was around. But Eagles have had a good season.

Seahawks V/ Bears: Lovie, do you know that a football game has been previously won without a single pass attempt. Remember that to win this game. If bad-Rex appears, only a cards-like performance will save Bears. I am suspicious of that and think the Bears are gonna thump the Hawks - once more.

While the Bears did win, they did not thump the Seahawks but squeaked by,

Prediction - Bears Baltimore Colts V/ Cleavland Ravens: You read it right. These teams were based out of different cities in their original avatar (Ravens are the original Cleveland Browns!). Key matchup would be Peyton's ability to generate passing yards against a top pass-rush team. I am not too sure that McNair should be used more than a game manager to win the game. If Peyton lights it up in the first half, the ravens can say good-byes and clean locker room at half-time as i am not sure that the Ravens offense can put up 30 points. Prediction: Ravens (unless Manning pretends that these are the Denver Broncos!)

McNair was no more than a game manager but the running game stunk and i can't believe it is all the colts defense. One more strike

Patriots V/ Chargers: While i am less sure of the result of this game - i am sure of one thing: BB will use the previous away playoff 51-10 loss to motivate his team, especially my fav - Rodney Harrison. Did i mention this game was played in 1963! Jokes apart, i am unable to make up my mind on this one. I love LT (i started following him initially because of the uniqueness of his name. In Madden 2006, i traded Correy Dillon, Faulk and a first round pick for LT!), wish MS can win a play-off game (5-12 post-season record in comparison to BB's 12-2!) and adhore their powder blue game uniforms (used once/twice a season!). But my favorite team is the NE Patriots! Prediction: Depends on NE Defense front 7 to stop LT. Still need a team? Depends on ability of NE offensive line to innovate and keep Brady upright for an entire match. Still need a team? Man, my mind says the Chargers while i still wanna go with the Patriots.

The Pats won! The Pats won! Infact, i saw the game today on ESPN and cannot believe how stupid the chargers were. If the Chargers were intent on winning the game, they would have - instead, they wanted to annhilate the opposition and made too many mistakes.

So, for this week's matches:

Colts V/s Patriots: Seriously, if Peyton cannot win this one - the albatross around his next will be secured as the Dan Marino of this generation. Even worse, he would be labelled the choke-master of all times. I dont think the colts defense is legit but i think they will do enough to stop the pats this week.
Prediction: Colts (though i cannot discount the Pats if Belichick has some magic potion for his team)

Saints V/s Bears: I wish the Saints can win this one but their only chance is if Bad Rex appears. Else, it is going to be the Bears representing the NFC in Superbowl.
Prediction: Bears

Superbowl match: Bears V/s Colts

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