Wednesday, January 03, 2007

How can we not ....

How can we not register a FIR when a child goes missing ...?

The root cause of the Noida massacre (for want of a more violent expression!) which has claimed the lives of 17 people & alleged to include another 5 to 10 more people is the ineptitude shown by the Noida police in not registering the FIR.

I watched a NDTV special trying to question whether there is a class divide in India with respect to Police treatment. The answer, sadly is YES. How? Adobe India President's son was kidnapped in November and here is the link of the first news article. It mentions that an FIR was filed at Sector 20 police station.

However, why had the police not registered a case inspite of repeated and continous missing cases of young childern from a particular locality since October 2005?

Can the Prime Minister ask this question to his police machinery?

BTW, it is heartening to note that not a single lawyer in Noida who was willing to defend Moninder Singh and his servant.

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