Monday, April 27, 2009

Karunanidhi & fasting ...

So, we have all heard about Karunanidhi's dramatic attempt at indefinitive fasting in Chennai today which started after breakfast and ended before lunch. 

What a noble attempt. Right? Karunanidhi's action speaks for itself
  • 19 July 2008: Karunanidhi doesn't go on fast but senior leaders of his party do. Reason - Protest killing of fishermen by Sri Lankan foreces
  • 1 October 2007: Karunanidhi goes on indefinite fast protesting the dealys in the Sethusamudram project. 
  • December 2003: Karunanidhi ends fast within minutes of starting one protesting the arrest of partyman.
  • 2002: Karunanidhi goes on fast protesting attacks on his MLA office in Chennai. 
  • June 2001: Karunanidhi goes on fast protesting his arrest by the Jayalalitha regime
You make your own judgement. Is Karunanidhi today's version of Mahatma Gandhi or is he a selfish politician?

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