Monday, April 23, 2007

lets celebrate 23rd April

and we should celebrate 23rd April for years to come, for 2 great events occured today that is likely to shape India's future.

India-launched PSLV put a Italian satellite in orbit today and that signals the start of space business for India. The opportunity for product development companies related to spacecraft launch will blossom and India and China are likely to be atleast 50% cheaper than either of US, Russia and EU to launch a satellite. Now we need to cross the next hurdle - GSLV. That will change the entire equation. I also thought it was regreshing that we had an Italian satellite launched thus proving 2 things - we are nearly done with pseudo-secularism atleast in the field of technology and launching a EU satellite is likely to trigger a few sleepless nights out there. it is unlikely we will remain a choice for cost reasons only

The sound that you heard at work today morning was the SC's rap on the Govt's knuckles. Loud and clear was the message of the SC. No reservation till policy is created based on demographic data. Is there any pro-reservation loyalist who can argue against what the court said today? Instead they will cry themselves hoarse on the powers of legislature (occupied by some 'emminent' people as in charge-sheeters etc) and how the SC was violating. There won't be a single person who will argue against the merits of the ruling itself.

I have just one query for pro-reservation guys: Aren't you encouraging communities to remain backward to avail of the benefits of reservation. Please show me one example of how backward-ness of communities was reduced and leading to hugher socio-economic index for communities. If we have examples like that, is there a benchmark that would satisfy the government that a community no longer remains backward and what would that benchmark be? Per se, i am not against reservations for SC and ST but i think none outside these deserve any reservation.

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