Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For Summers, memory so fresh!

Faces lit with expectation, destiny call know but to a few
As the exams finished, books stashed away
One meeting held, celebration galore for the batch
Six summers ago, a memory so fresh!

Looks of celebration, masking the anxiety
The path ahead unclear, the preparations incomplete
Future so diverse, calls renewed where planning lacked
Five summers ago, a memory so fresh!

As we departed, renewal of vows to stay close
Like the promises made to ourselves, some kept most forgotten
Time raced, work and studies paced, life sped
Four Summers ago, a memory so fresh!

Leader he was called, leader he was one
Saidreams was the vehicle, staying close the mission
Chatters & spams, emails and teases abound
Three Summers ago, a memory so fresh

Life's Commitments started, engagement here, a quiet marraige there, babies birth
our batches' eternal couples joy shared, for others love came from ashore
soon the tickle became a flood, leaving very few untouched, the ultimate bachelor, its latest prize scalpe
Two summers ago, a memory so fresh!

For some, the grind is still a way, daily homework for scholars not put away
research was the buzz word, Ph.D - the summit to attain
work called a few, twelve hour routine none the few
One summer ago, a memory so fresh!

Look back ever so ever, memories are all that's left
for after four years of fun, a lifetime of memories is but a steal
a smile on the face, when a batchmates thought arises, the greatest reward
This summer, a memory so fresh!

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